Entry #7

For all you Fallout fans...

2009-12-31 02:20:10 by CommandoKill

There's gonna be a Fallout 4! I was randomly searching the net, when I saw an interview with Bethesda, they said they'll be releasing Fallout 4 in... (sigh)... 2018... They said they'll start working on it in 2016... man that sucks... Still, I can't wait!

For all you Fallout fans...


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2009-12-31 02:35:25

Too busy on TES 5.

CommandoKill responds:



2009-12-31 04:27:46

2018?! Why dont they just start now?! The DLC for fallout 3 should'nt take that long to finish.

(Updated ) CommandoKill responds:

True. I have all map packs (5), and almost completed them all! Can't wait for 'Fallout 3: Vegas', another map pack for Fallout 3. They also mentioned something about starting a new game before starting Fallout 4...